Monday, January 2, 2012

Walking together

Here is something my husband and I really share - our love for being out in the open, for walking together and for foraging.

Today was a brisk but sunny day. Perfect for going for a walk.

We are lucky to live in a small town with easy access to a number of pretty places within walking distance. We have the River Great Ouse, the Grand Union Canal and the old Iron Aqueduct, plus many other little areas which are worth exploring and walking around in.

What I like about walking this time of year, is the reminder that even in the middle of winter life has not stopped. Even when things seem to slow down, what they are REALLY doing is gathering strength to spring back to life again!

We found some Field Blewits (or Lepista Saeva), which are edible. Perhaps we will have a fry-up a bit later ...

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  1. We aloways love going for walks too! Hope you enjoyed your fry up!