Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Dawn walk

Yesterday I woke up early, and - having the day off - I decided to head out with my camera to greet the sun.

I set off at 4.30 am and allow myself a 30 minute walk to the nearby fields near the Manor Farm (now turned into offices), which are in a slightly raised position and overlook a wide stretch of the horizon.

I passed the old farm building and passed this beautiful tree, set darkly against the brightening sky.

I was struck by the coolness of the morning air and the stillness (apart from the first birds stirring). A strange in-between world, and I felt a strange peace and joy to be there to experience it ...

I finally founds spot from where I would be able to see the sun rising. The sky was changing and it became clearer where the sun would appear.

Then gradually the sky became lighter and the red along the horizon brightened.

And then - just when I thought time had stood still - in a breath-taking moment the sun appeared over the horizon!
I was amazed how special the moment was and how moved I felt to witness it.
The most ordinary event (having happened every day since the beginning of time) had become the most extraordinary one!

Suddenly I understood when for millenia humans have been drawn to and fascinated by the sun. Our universal source of light and warmth and life.

Within minutes of the sun rising, the bumblebees were busy collecting the nectar from the lavender flowers.

On the way back I enjoyed the sun appearing over my home town. Still everything quiet and sleepy and hardly anybody around - only a few paper boys ...

... and the neighbour's cat squinting into the morning sun.

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