Monday, January 21, 2013

Running in the snow

After a rest from running I have recently managed to reach the 5K distance again. And even better - at a pace of around or above 10 kph.

So proud was I of my achievement, that in a moment of enthusiasm I put my name down for the Wrap Up and Run, a 10K charity run in aid of AgeUK  ... and I have 6 weeks to double my distance to get ready for it!

So, unperturbed by the recent snow and ice, I set off on Sunday morning for a 50 minute run. I worried that the ground was too icy, but luckily it started snowing again and the fresh snow covered any icy patches and made the ground perfect for running.

I covered 8.5K in 51 minutes, so the 10K seems suddenly attainable.
I also realised that as long as I have firm ground underfoot, I am quite good at keeping going. Tenacity is my middle name!

For anybody interested, Actionaid have some good advice on training for a race/run, including training schedules.

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