Monday, September 7, 2015

A very big Adventure

This summer my husband and I went on a big adventure.
We did what we haven't done in over 21 years - a) went on a touring holiday on our bicycles together and b) went on holiday without our children. This also meant leaving our 18-year-old son in charge of the house for two weeks (when until now we've never left him alone for more than two days).

When we sat at the local train station, waiting to catch the train which would eventually take us to Harwich, I was filled with dread and anxiety of a level I've never experienced before.
My head was bombarded with the wildest array of scenarios which could occur when you leave the country and leave your son in charge of your home and belongings.

Mixed in with that were worries about being "just" a couple again. Would we enjoy each other's company? Or would we
get bored or irritated with each

I just wanted to cry and it would not have taken much for me to abandon our plans and go back home.

Luckily I didn't and once the train arrived
and we were on our way, my anxiety lessened.

So how did it go? Read here to find out more about the cycling side of things.

As for being a couple again, it was wonderful spending time together.
I was especially struck by those moments of stress and minor crises -  like, when we stood wet to the skin in the cold wind and driving rain, waiting for at least for 30 minutes for the ferry across the Rhine. Or when we couldn't find find the hotel after a long day cycling. Or when it took hours to get out of Den Haag...
Those were the moments that brought us really close, knowing that we'd somehow get through this together. No time to blame each other or walk off in a huff! LOL

Here's one of my favourite pictures, taken by my mum.


And our son? Well, he was of course fine! So he didn't take the rubbish out, removed the furry things from the fridge or cleaned the  bathroom, but apart from that he was well and healthy. And the house is still standing. 😁

Here’s to many more holidays together!

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  1. glad it all went well, hope you have many more holdays together just as a couple!