Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hope springs eternal

Going for a walk at the weekend, I spotted this coltsfoot plant growing virtually out of the tarmacked path. Such a tough, hardy plant!

 Does anybody know why ladybirds huddle together? I read that they do it for warmth ... but do they even give out warmth??
Either way, every winter, without fail, I see these little groups huddled together. Waiting for the spring sun, no doubt, which will warm them and allow them to leave the huddle and move on.

I was happy to spot this bumblebee. My first this spring!
It busied itself in a patch of crocuses, emerging dusted in pollen, only to move on to the next flower.


  1. hello madhat, I love that great photo of the ladybirds! I've been wondering about the huddles too, and found this .. thought you'd like it too: