Thursday, February 16, 2012

More Wildlife pics

Today  we went for a walk through the Hanson Environmental Study Centre. A great place to sit in one of the hides and watch the birds. My favourite one is the woodland hide.

Not long after putting the bird food out, this little tit appeared. One of the fellow birdwatchers in the hide explained that debates had ensued amongst the experienced birders as to whether this was a marsh tit or a willow tit.
Who knows?

The robin is of course much easier to identify!
Earlier this week a robing landed on hubby's hand to take a some food. Quite a brave little fellow! (Robin, not hubby!)
This squirrel did not seem to care much about the fact that the food had been put out for the birds!
But the cutest of them all was the little bank vole, which appeared between the logs of a nearby wood pile.

For more great pictures from the Hanson Centre and elsewhere, visit Tales of a Bank Vole.

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  1. lovely photos - I don't know the difference between marsh and willow tits at all, very difficult species to tell apart!