Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bad day ... or was it?

Today was a rubbish day, and nothing seemed to be going to plan!

Firstly, I had planned to go our for a run in the morning, but I never got myself ready to go ... and then it started raining.

So hubby and I decided to go for a walk in the woods instead, looking for early mushrooms ... but on the way in the car (we only bought it last week!)  the oil warning lamp came on, and we pulled over because we didn't want to risk damaging the engine. - So instead of a walk in the woods I got to run to find a public phone - without success. (Luckily, with my community based job I know many people in many parts of town, and one of the day centres was not too far - so I walked there, where I was offered the use of the phone and the toilet and a lift back to the car. Thank you, Julie!!)

The AA man came quickly and brought us back home, but we spent the rest of the day getting the oil lamp switch fixed ... only to find then that the heating is also faulty and spraying cooling water everywhere, and it will need to be sorted out too. So a phone call to the car dealer, who sold us the car, was in order! Tomorrow we are going back there to get it sorted out.

Not wanting to leave hubby alone with this, I had to cancel a dentist appointment which I had tomorrow morning.

So it seems to have been a very hassly sort of day!

But if I look back, there were many blessings:

  • Friends and colleagues I can call on in need
  • A speedy and friendly AA emergency service
  • My hubby and I pulling together and working very well as a team, supporting each other when needed
  • For every problem there was a solution at hand
  • Coming back home, our daughter cooked the evening meal for us all. Thank you, sweet pea!

Time to be grateful!

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