Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Beauty in small things

Now the weather has turned cold again, an icy wind is blowing and it seems that spring has abandoned us!

But then, walking through the churchyard we spotted this little huddle of ladybirds on a gravestone.

How sweet are they??!

The second group seems a little bit more organised! LOL 

These little guys certainly brightened up this cold, miserable day, and gave me hope that spring IS on its way. After all, the ladybirds should know, shouldn't they?


  1. oh lovely, ladybirds are so bright and cheerful! I love the way they're grouping in your photos.

    Thanks for your comment on my blog, yes i make Greetings cards for my own use. I think about selling them sometimes, but it's not really likely that I ever will

  2. Thanks too for the comment you left on my blog about frogs in garden ponds, my partner's parents have frogs in their pond and its a very small pond!